Why Strix thinks global

For Paul Hussey, CEO of Strix, the world leading designer and manufacturer of control mechanism components in small domestic appliances such as kettles, coffee machines and steam irons, it is really not a question about export. It is about being a global operation. The company, which has a 600-person manufacturing operation in China, has made a mind shift – it is a transnational business.

“The indigenous market in China is growing so big and so fast that it will soon be the same size as the rest of the world. There will be a China market, and the non-China market.”

“It’s not sufficient for the senior leadership of a company to go on business trips; there has to be a commitment to have some of your leaders in Asia,” Hussey says. Even the British-based R&D team at Strix will spend between 12 to 18 weeks in China. “This requires a three to five year plan,” he observes, “which is an expensive proposition. But not doing it will be more expensive, as we will be missing out on the world’s greatest growth opportunity.”